Horizon Bioreactor Advantages

Head room

Horizon Bioreactor Animation
Horizon Bioreactor Animation


At least 50% of the capital costs compared to conventional bioreactors

No compressors required substantially reducing ancillaries capital costs

A minimum of 3 metres of head space is required for a 40,000 litre Horizon Bioreactor, thus eliminating the need to tall buildings. Health and safety structures for working at height are not required. If required, Horizon Bioreactors can be stacked up to 4 units high (10.4 metres @ 160,000 litres capacity).

Since no compressors are required, Horizon Bioreactor operating cost can be as low as 10% compared to conventional bioreactors.

The ability to perform Extractive Fermentation in the Horizon Bioreactor dramatically reduces DSP CAPEX and OPEX, whilst optimising broth titres and extending production runs  due to reduced product inhibition.

Mobile Plug and Play systems

20 litre to 40,000 litre Horizon Bioreactors are available as transportable plug and play systems. 

Horizon Bioreactor Animation

We offer a number of scale-up options for startups combining a 20 litre, 100 litre, and 1000 litre in a single 20 foot container, all as bespoke plug and play systems. Sterilisation, extractive fermentation, harvesting and other DSP unit operations can be incorporated into our plug and play systems.
5000 litre and 10,000 litre systems are also available in 20 foot containerised units.

Horizon Bioreactor Animation


Horizon Bioreactor Animation

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