The Horizon Bioreactor

Revolutionizing Biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing has traditionally been hampered by expensive and inefficient processes.
The Horizon Bioreactor disrupts this by combining precision fermentation and continuous product recovery in a single unit.
This innovative design dramatically cuts costs and paves the way for wider adoption of sustainable bio-based products.

Key Advantages

Drastically Reduced Costs: Slash operational costs by up to 75% and capital expenses by 2-5 times compared to traditional bioreactors and fermenters.

Unmatched Efficiency: Significantly increase production yield through intensified fermentation, extended cycles, and concentrated product streams.

Sustainable Production: Embrace a greener future with significantly reduced carbon emissions compared to fossil fuel-based production.

Horizon Bioreactor Technology

Revolutionary Design: Combines established principles with a novel gas/liquid/solid contacting system for real-time product recovery without membranes or fast moving parts.

Effortless Separation: Dedicated zones within the bioreactor enable continuous separation and removal of product-rich extractant for further processing.

Unleashing Productivity: Continuously removes inhibitory products, significantly increasing overall yield and promote high cell densities.

Unmatched Versatility and Scalability:

Fast Installation: Stand-alone plug and play units require minimal setup, eliminating the need for compressors or high-speed impellers.

Adaptable Pressure Control: Handles high pressure for gas absorption or utilizes vacuum for efficient recovery of volatile compounds.

Gentle on Sensitive Cells: Ideal for culturing fragile cells, paving the way for industrial-scale production of cellular agriculture or cultivated meat products.

Wide Range of Sizes:
Available from 20 liters to over 100,000 liters, with sustained efficiency across the range.

Scalability Advantage: Seamlessly scales up with production requirements, maintaining optimal performance throughout.

Construction Versatility: Built to last using a wide selection of high-quality materials for tailored applications.

Embrace the Future of Biomanufacturing with the Horizon Bioreactor. 

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