Precision Fermentation




Reduce fermentation CAPEX by 50% and OPEX by 75%.

Reduce bioprocessing CAPEX by 75% and OPEX by 95%.

The revolutionary Horizon Bioreactor integrates both precision fermentation and bioprocessing into a single device.

Advances in strain engineering enable more and more compounds to be produced sustainably.

However, the most significant impasse to their monetization is the high cost of biomanufacturing. The Horizon Bioreactor combines precision fermentation with continuous product recovery to deliver most efficient and cost-effective biomanufacturing platform available today.

The Horizon Bioreactor increases fermentation productivity and broth density, whilst simplifying downstream processing, leading to game-changing reductions in biomanufacturing costs.

Horizon Bioreactor Technology

Designed for modern biotechnology.
The Horizon Bioreactor integrates precision fermentation, and continuous product extraction into a single vessel for real time product recovery. By overcoming the limitations of existing fermentation technologies, the Horizon Bioreactor allows cost-effective production of a wide range of bio-based products.

Revolutionary design
Designed using proven chemical engineering principles combined with an entirely novel gas/liquid/solid contacting system, it efficiently separates and removes products without fouling membranes or moving parts – for real-time product recovery. The Horizon Bioreactor supports microbial growth and production with the increased capacity compared to conventional fermenters.

Extractant Dosing
Extractant is continuously and precisely dosed into the bioreactor and captures products from the fermentation broth. The unique contacting system for anaerobic, aerobic, or photosynthetic microorganisms, promotes mass transfer into, and separation of the product-rich extractant.

Separation & Extraction
An integral zone in the bioreactor allows passive separation of the extractant from the broth. Rich in the concentrated product, the extractant is then simply pumped out of the bioreactor for real-time product recovery.

Higher Productivities
Continuous removal of inhibitory or unstable products drastically increases the fermentations' titres and productivity. The Horizon Bioreactor enables continuous fermentation of a wide range of microorganisms and products while maintaining high cell densities.

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The Horizon Bioreactor unlocks Industrial Biotechnology's Potential

Modern biomanufacturing continues to be limited by inefficient fermentation processes and costly downstream processing.

The Horizon Bioreactor platform overcomes the limitations of existing fermentation technologies by intensifying production, removing product inhibition to extend the fermentation's duration, and creating a highly concentrated product, thus reducing upstream and downstream processing costs.

Industrial biotechnology’s potential unlocked!

Reduce combined OPEX by up to 95%
Longer fermentations and concentrated product streams result in less downtime and fewer downstream processing (DSP) steps per unit of product. With less steam, heat, cooling, and DSP, operating expenses decrease.

Improve CAPEX efficiency by 5 to 20 times
More product per fermenter volume means the same amount of product is made with fewer and smaller fermenters. Building fewer fermenters means you improve the efficiency of your capital investment.

Reduce carbon emissions and Net Zero.
Fermentative bioproduction reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 85% compared to fossil-based production. By decreasing bioproduct costs, the Horizon Bioreactor produce sustainable commodities profitability and increase market share, whilst decreasing overall emissions. 


Flexible and scalable design
Horizon Bioreactor stand-alone units can be installed as quicker than any other fermenter, without the need for compressors or fast rotating impellers.

Pressure or Vacuum
The Horizon Bioreactor can operate at pressure (>10bar) to assist gas solubilisation, or under vacuum for volatiles recovery.

Very low hydrodynamic shear
Fragile cells can be cultured in the Horizon Bioreactor enabling industrial scale cellular agriculture or cultivated meat production.

Let there be light!
We integrate an efficient high surface area illumination system that provides 50mm path length light throughout the entire broth volume, with self-cleaning light emitting surfaces. Photons are delivered via 2 single point interchangeable sources of LEDs, Lasers or heliostat concentrated sunlight. 

Game-changing Technology

Our smallest bioreactor is 20 litres. Below this size, the novel gas/liquid/solid contacting system does not operate efficiently. As we scale up to beyond 100,000 litres, the efficiency of the reactor increases linearly.

The Horizon Bioreactor can be fabricated using a wide range of materials including:
Stainless Steel
Glass lined steel
Glass reinforced plastic

Biomanufacturing improvements with the Horizon Bioreactor
Intensify your process.
Improve productivity.
Achieve the highest cell densities.
Reduce carbon footprint. 

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